The solidifying of the partnership between SIEGENIA and LEDOW

On August 31, 2022, Mr. Ralf Diller, Director of Asia Pacific at SIEGENIA, and Mr. Song Fei, Head of SIEGENIA China, paid a visit to LEDOW where they were warmly welcomed by Zheng Haifeng, CEO of LEDOW. The representatives from the German SIEGENIA Group were given a tour of LEDOW’s workshop, gaining valuable insights into the company’s operations.

Following the tour, both parties engaged in extensive business discussions, exploring potential collaboration opportunities.The fruitful negotiations ultimately led to the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement, solidifying the partnership between SIEGENIA and LEDOW.

Founded in 1914,Siegenia are world leading supplier of a wide range of high quality products that add value to windows and doors these include handles, locks, hinges and more.

Mr. Diller said, “LEDOW has been an outstanding door and window customization company since its inception. They have fostered strong partnerships with top-notch raw material suppliers worldwide and have consistently upheld commitment to producing doors and windows of the highest quality. LEDOW is an invaluable partner, and I am highly optimistic about our ongoing collaboration.”

Mr. Zheng expressed his immense honor in partnering with SGENIA Group, a highly esteemed hardware manufacturer in the European market. Both SIEGENIA and LEDOW share a common vision of delivering top-notch products to customers, ensuring a comfortable, environmentally friendly, and healthy home life.

This agreement marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between the two companies, paving the way for the future. The strategic cooperation between SIEGENIA and LEDOW is poised to bring about mutually beneficial outcomes and drive innovation in the industry.



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