Sliding Door

Interior Glass Sliding Door

Is a beautiful way to separate spaces in your home without a traditional doorway. To separate rooms and divide them into functional areas, sliding doors combine functionality with styling, becoming the best choice, not only for residential settings but also for offices. By saving space for furniture and more, you can maximize your space with sliding doors.

The aluminium framing used for these doors is very slim, combined with glazing that allows the doors to almost disappear when open, maximizing the space within the areas. Using frosted or switchable privacy glass will allow the natural light to flow through the glazing whilst offering an element of privacy.

Glass sliding doors between the kitchen and the living room are extremely common as they block the spread of cooking smells without closing off the view completely.

Why choose it?

Easy to use

Sliding doors are one of the popular interior doors due to their affordability, flexible design choices, natural light, and modern look. The best part about using sliding doors is their easy-to-use features.The aluminium framing used for these sliding doors allows them to be lightweight, meaning they can easily be opened or closed as well as being long-lasting.

Create extra room

People have been striving to create a sense of flow through spaces. Internal sliding doors offer a way to create this state of flow between rooms. This type of door allows natural light to flow through the home without obstruction and helps to add extra room to your home without requiring any masonry work.

Space Saving & Maximises Natural Light

Sliding doors are perfect for many small rooms such as wardrobes, ensuites, laundries and bathrooms where having a door open into the room could severely impact the available space.Sliding doors allow for rooms to be separated without one missing out on the natural light pouring into the other.

12/16/18 sliding Series

Aluminum Non Thermal-Break Doors
Frame Depth: 45mm(1-49/64 inches)
Material: Extruded aluminum prime
Visible surface width: 12mm/16mm/18mm
Guide: Residential building, Commercial building


Three color for option: grey, black and woodgrain


Decorative/Privacy Function

Glass: Tint glass/Laminated glass/Frosted glass/PDLC Smart Glass/Double Glazing With Integral Venetian Blinds/Double Glazing with grid

Opening Configurations

Interior glass Sliding Doors are available in multiple configurations for Single, Double and Triple Track design.

Other configurations may be available if required.


Plastic handle made in China, Optional locks.

The slide rail is made of 304 stainless steel,the rubber ring of the lower pulley is made of high-quality nylon, which is corrosion-resistant and high-strength. And the single wheel bears 60-80KG.

The bottom of the lower track is designed with EPDM shock-absorbing strips, which can effectively reduce the resonance noise caused by the rolling friction between the lower pulley and the lower track.