Guarantees and warrants, to the original homeowner (for residential properties), or original purchaser (for commercial properties), that each window and door product shall be free of defects in workmanship and materials(INCLUDING PROFILE,HARDWARE,RUBBER STRIP), for a period of ten (10) years from the PRODUCTION date, subject to the conditions and limitations stated below, and only for so long as the original owner owns the property where the windows and doors are installed (“Workmanship & Materials Limited Warranty”).The original purchaser may transfer this warranty to a subsequent homeowner upon compliance with the warranty transfer procedures set forth herein.

In case of a failure occurs during the first ten (10) years from the PRODUCTION date, LEDOW will  provide the replacement parts necessary to make the repairs, without charge,FOB nearest LEDOW’ s shipping point or provide a refund equal to the cost of such replacement parts. The warranty on the replacement parts will extend only for the balance of the warranty period of the original product. In no case shall LEDOW be responsible for the cost of labor, installation, sales tax or any other associated cost, for either the original or the replacement parts. The original guarantee and warranty period shall not be extended by any repair or replacement.Additional express limited warranties may be offered by third-party component manufacturers.


Glass Units
The warranty terms applicable to glass units vary by glass manufacturer.

Profile Finishes
LEDOW hereby warrants its power coating window and door finishes against peeling or blistering from/on the applied surface and significant ultraviolet discoloration for a period of six (6) years from the date of PRODUCTION. From the second to sixth year, LEDOW’s sole obligation shall be to provide paint for any claims regarding painted window and door finishes.

Optional Accessories
This warranty does not cover optional product accessories, parts, add-ons, equipment, supports,caps, screens, safety or panic hardware, or other aftermarket items, whether or not affixed to LEDOW’s products and whether or not manufactured by LEDOW or other third-parties. Third-party manufacturer warranties may apply;please contact us for details.

International Sales
For products installed outside of the China, LEDOW’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to the replacement of nonconforming products, partial or full refund the amount of the purchase paid to LEDOW for defective products. LEDOW shall not be responsible for on-site inspections or repairs.


A warranty holder may make a warranty claim must be made in writing to the local LEDOW dealer, or LEDOW directly and include:
(1) your name, address, and cellphone number;
(2) proof of purchase;
(3) LEDOW order number;
(4) proof of property ownership;
(5) the date the alleged condition was first observed; and
(6) a specific description of the alleged condition. All warranty claims must be made as soon as practicable after discovery of the alleged condition and in all events within the applicable warranty period and prior to the beginning of any repair work. LEDOW reserves the right to inspect any and all units alleged to be defective, including but not limited to having the unit returned to the factory or third party for inspection.


LEDOW’s Limited Warranty does not cover conditions that are not product defects or are caused by factors outside of LEDOW’s control, including without limitation:

Defects caused by accident;hurricanes; earthquakes; tornadoes; acts of war;acts of god; rioting; non-standard installation; improper maintenance; vandalism; improperly used; application of film to glass surface; slight variation or variations in glass color; glass breakage; glass scratches;

Damage caused by objects or airborne pollutants (such as acid rain or salt) , screen breakage, exposed to high humidity areas (pools, saunas, hot tubs, etc.), fading or color changes due to normal aging, weathering, or excessive sun exposure, subjection to undue stresses caused by the building settlement and/or movement; modification to the products; exposure to harsh chemicals such as abrasive cleaners & brick wash, sealants, tapes or other corrosive materials;

Installation and use of the Products outside of the usage requirements; the use of parts not manufactured, supplied, or sold by LEDOW; or installation of LEDOW Products into improper structures .