Bi fold door

Bi fold Door

Also known as folding sliding doors, bi folding doors,  consist of multiple panels hinged to each other. They can fold in or out to open up space. By folding & sliding, Bi-fold doors save space while delivering an attractive style.

With customisable folding options, superior security and an easy to operate design, our aluminium bi fold doors are a popular choice for entertainment spaces.

Why choose it?


While traditional patio doors need to be fitted onto raised tracks which creates a raised threshold and potential trip hazard, bifolds, however, can be installed with a flush threshold opening to your patio or garden which removes these worries and provides a far more attractive finish. They allow you to open up the entire wall when fully opened. If you have a large outdoor patio that you want to be integrated into your indoor space for entertaining guests or serving customers, bifold doors offer a larger opening for you to move freely between the two spaces.They also have an option for you to open up one panel for everyday access rather than opening up the entire door.

Security and energy efficient

Bifolds include multiple locking points across the structure making them at a good level of security, especially when made from aluminium. They are fitted on enclosed tracks, which make them a nuisance for burglars but a benefit for you! In some cases, the additional frames in bi-fold doors can lead to more heat escaping. However, if you choose our heavy duty bi fold door, you should have no issue with losing heat, no matter which style you choose.

Maximum Ventilation & Light

When you choose glass-paneled bi-fold doors, you can turn a door into a large window, which lets in plenty of natural light.They also provide maximum ventilation when fully opened. Opening up your home to natural light and fresh air is a good way to keep healthy. For times when you want privacy, you can easily choose bespoke blinds for your bifolds.

88 Bi fold Series

Aluminum Thermal-Break Windows
Frame Depth: 88mm(3-15/32inches)
Material: Extruded aluminum prime billet EU 6060-T66
Profile Thickness: 2.0mm
Guide:Residential building, Commercial building


Powder Coating Finish-The durable finish that’s also environmentally-friendly,Suitable for any quantity.

Fluorocarbon Coating Finish-superior to powder coating performance, wear-resistant, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and not easy to fade, Applicable to orders above 100 square meters.

Exterior Window Color/Interior Window Color Two-Tone Custom Color Capability  

LEDOW standard color card and a wide range of RAL colors are available


Energy Efficiency
We can provide different configurations to meet your U-value and/or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) requirements.
U-value represents how well a window insulates by measuring how quickly heat from hot air can pass through the glass.In all cases, windows with good insulation will help boost the comfort of the home. The lower the U-value, the better at keeping unwanted heat or cold out.
Windows with lower SHGC ratings cut down solar radiation significantly, resulting in lower cooling bills and making them great in warmer climates. On the other hand, homes in cool climates can benefit from windows with high SHGC ratings because they allow for greater solar heating.
Insulating glass unit: IGU with aluminium spacer/IGU with warm edge spacer/IGU with thermoplastic spacer
Glass: Double/Triple glazing with one/two panel Lowe 1/Lowe 2/ Lowe 3 glass and one/two panel Clear glass

Acoustic function
Insulating glass unit: IGU with aluminium spacer
Glass: Double glazing with one panel laminated glass and one panel clear glass

Impact resistant Function
Insulating glass unit: IGU with aluminium spacer
Glass: Double glazing with one panel laminated glass and one panel clear glass

Decorative/Privacy Function
Glass: Tint glass/Laminated glass/Frosted glass/PDLC Smart Glass/Double Glazing With Integral Venetian Blinds

Opening Configurations

Choose from one of recommended combinations,  but other configurations such as 3 door options, 5 door options, N door options may be available if required.

It’s important to bear in mind that with most bifolding door systems it is not possible for an equal number of panels to fold in opposite directions.  


CMECH’s Bi-Folding Door Hardware promotes easy folding, high-security, and smooth transitions with its pry-resistant hinges and load-bearing rollers.

Bi-Fold Flat and Pull Handles, Bi-Fold Hinges, Multi-Point Lock System, Stainless Steel Rollers.


There are no rules as to whether you should grill or not grill your windows/doors, below types are available as a custom order

Grills (grids) between the glass/Simulated divided lites/Simulated Divided Lite with Spacer Bar

Threshold Drawing