ledow reached a strategic cooperation with FSB

Accompanied by Ledow’s CEO, Mr. Zheng Haifeng, Mr. Ulrich Franke, head of international sales field service of FSB in Germany visited the exhibition hall and production workshop on August 1, 2023.

Following the visit, both parties engaged in extensive discussions, focusing on development trends, strategies, and other relevant matters. They freely exchanged thoughts on the future prospects of cooperation and explored new opportunities for mutually beneficial growth.

A good door and window should have a high-quality hardware system. The selection of high-end hardware represents the brand’s ultimate pursuit of quality. Founded in 1881, Germany FSB is a professional manufacturer focusing on the production of door and window hardware. Its products are all designed, processed and produced in Germany. It is the most famous door and window hardware manufacturer in the world. Committed to providing world-class enterprises with door and window hardware solutions that combine aesthetic design and high performance to meet high-end exclusive customization needs.

The strategic cooperation between Ledow and FSB is based on their shared commitment to high-quality and innovative products in the door and window industry. Ledow has always emphasized research and development as well as production with superior standards and fine craftsmanship to offer consumers top-notch solutions. By leveraging the unique strengths of both companies and their aligned product concepts, Ledow and FSB aim to collaborate and drive product innovation. Together, they strive to contribute to the growth and advancement of the door and window industry.


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