On June 23, the 2022 Green and Low-carbon Development Exchange Conference for the Doors and Windows Industry and the Launching Ceremony of the Group Standard for “Aluminum Doors and Windows for Nearly Zero Energy Consumption (Passive) Buildings with Green and Low-carbon Product Evaluation Requirements” took place in Linqu, Shandong.

LEDOW Doors and Windows, as a participating unit, actively participated in the event. The conference was jointly organized by the Resource and Environmental Protection Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association, the Green Building Materials Committee of China Building Decoration Association, and the Doors and Windows Committee of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association. Its main objective was to promote green and low-carbon development within the doors and windows industry, while also establishing a group standard for aluminum doors and windows that meet the requirements of nearly zero energy consumption buildings.

Our country has proposed to develop an action plan to peak carbon emissions before 2030 in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Long-Term Goals for 2035, indicating that China will firmly take the path of low-carbon and circular development and promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.Wang Hongtao, Vice President of the China Construction Metal Structure Association, chaired the report on the drafting of this group standard and conducted discussions on its content.

In the future, LEDOW Doors and Windows will adhere to standardized processing procedures, standardized manufacturing processes, and focus on the production of high-performance doors and windows to make due contributions to the dual-carbon strategy.


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